Dragon and TRex

Mother Prehistoric dragon

The Prehistoric Dragon is a species of dragons that lived during the Late Cretaceous Period. They coexisted with the dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex and competed for the skies with other flying reptiles like pterosaurs. These dragons became extinct during the KT Extinction but the family of dragons lived on through the dragons' evolutionary cousin, the Marine dragons.


Prehistoric dragons were bird-like in appearance being bipedal and having long legs and necks. They were mainly black and white on their underside. As they aged, they gain distinct features with gender and age.

Juvenile Prehistoric dragons had black wings with red eye spots used to intimidate predators to defend themselves when left alone while their parents hunted.

Adult females gained yellow coloration on the lower half of their wings as well as along their neck. And their horns were smaller than those of the adult males.

Males that reached adulthood sported red wings and in addition to a reddish tint on their head. This was used to attract mates and distinguish themselves as a younger status.

Alpha males were a very dark black on top and white on their underside with no other coloration having already proved themselves as top males.

Old male dragons were also dull in coloration like alpha males but could also be distinguished with broken horns having survived many battles with other dragons. If they survive their last territorial battle they become nomads that wander in search of food even cannibalizing juveniles.

Abilities Edit

Prehistoric dragons were formidable creatures using a variety of weapons in combat. Two pointed horns on the top of the head were possibly used between males in confrontations as seen with the broken horns of old male dragons that had survived battles with other dragons. These dragons also used sharp talons to swoop down and slash an opponent. The Prehistoric dragons' greatest weapon by far was the ability to breathe fire, which was enough to even deter a hungry T-Rex.

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